Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

Education is simply the soul of a society as it is passed from one generation to the other and is also the apprenticeship of life. We are moving towards the future knowledge based society in a planned manner for which an IT policy and systematic approach to training being deliberated upon. I am confident that school will integrate with the national policy on globalization and creation of knowledge.

Our young people deserve the best quality of teaching and learning in a safe, happy, calm and disciplined environment. We expect the best from our students both in terms of work and behavior in order to help them to meet their aspirations to be active and competent citizens of tomorrow. We seek to personalize their individual needs. Our ultimate aim is to groom the students in a comprehensive learning environment. It is our belief that with the co-operation of parents, students and staff our goals can be achieved. We look forward to the brightest future of our students at The Ganges World School.

To us, the challenge is in the journey and not in the destination. We are determined to do our best to make our society a better place to live in where children can dream of making it a Utopia. I am glad that in GANGES we have made it possible to strike the right balance of providing our students with an ambience that is conducive to learning as well as imparting value based education aimed at their holistic growth.


Dr. B.K. Singh
Chairman - The Ganges World School